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About Magic Hooks

Magic Hooks is an Egyptian-Dutch producer of high-wire tomato hooks. Using our patented method, we produce more than 30 million high-wire hooks each year under the name Easy Hooks.

Our Easy Hooks have a number of important advantages over other high-wire hooks.

  • Our Easy Hook is very user-friendly and has the lowest labor costs for processing.
  • The Easy Hook leaves no form of waste in the greenhouse.
  • The Easy Hook is very durable. The hooks are taken back for free at the end of the growing season and all materials are reused..
  • The quality of the Easy Hook is unparalleled. All tomato ropes are produced in-house and each roll is checked for sufficient strength.

Facts and numbers

Since its inception, Magic Hooks has produced more than 400 million hooks.

Magic Hooks provides a lot of jobs for the local population in its factory in Egypt. By employing many women in our factory, Magic Hooks strives to contribute to the emancipation of women in Egypt.

Magichook people


We started in in 1996/97 with a second-hand winding machine in an old barn in Poeldijk, the Netherlands. In 2005, we moved our company to Egypt. We now have 5000 m2 business space in the Free Zone, near the port of Alexandria. Our large number of wrapping machines are operated by our 100 permanent employees, and 50 extra employees in high season.

In addition to winding machines and galvanizing units, we acquired a rope machine a year ago. Since then, everything is made in-house.


In 2005, we also started the production of 'the hook with tail'. The reason behind this is that we had submitted a request to the holder of the 'free fall hooks' patent in Belgium. This request was rejected and as a result we were forced to develop our own wrapping method. This is how our own patent came about. After having developed different wrapping methods (including a rail system intended as a machine plant guidance system), the "hook with tail" idea per layer or per box turned out to be a very workable system. The system is now patented worldwide.

The Easy Hook system

The Easy Hook system is a tomato hook with a so-called "free fall". This free fall is made to the correct length at the request of the customer. The free fall of all hooks in the package are collected in a "tail" which is wrapped with cover. The tail is hung from the box while hanging in the tomato greenhouse. The employee then only has to hang the hooks. The free fall is automatically guided out of the box. The Easy Hook is very efficient to use.


The Easy Hook is the most durable high-wire hook on the market. What distinguishes the Easy Hook from other hook systems?

At the end of every season, all used high-wire hooks are returned, free of charge. The hooks are transported back to our factory in Egypt. There, they are stripped of the remaining rope and galvanized again. The hooks are provided with new rope and transported back to the Netherlands. The old rope is reprocessed and sold as household rope at the local market. Easy Hooks are new hooks, produced without wasting raw materials.

Magic Hooks
Het Easy Hook Systeem


Visit of the new Dutch ambassador in Egypt

Magic Hooks had a visit from the new Dutch ambassador in Egypt. This was a nice introduction and informative happening for both parties. The Agricultural Attachés in the various surrounding countries were then informed by the embassy, which immediately led to new contacts and customers.

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Magic Hooks has a new corporate identity

We are proud to show our new corporate identity on this also renewed website! The logo shows our Eqyptian roots in terms of shape and color, but at the same time it's very modern. Exactly what we stand for as a company.

The first hooks for the 2019-2020 season have been produced

The first hooks for the 2019-2020 season have already been produced and shipped to the Netherlands. After the annual maintenance, the Magic Hooks factory is completely ready for the new season.

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Sold exclusively
The Easy Hooks are sold exclusively by Royal Brinkman bv from s’-Gravenzande in the Netherlands.

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